Elect Sal Genovese

    U.S. Representative 28th Congressional District

                                       "Together We Can Build New Bridges of Common Understanding"

These are my plans to solve issues of our times:

  •    Small Business & Employment Act - Will cut payroll taxes, reduce business operating cost and fees, provide tax credits for Employees hired, create Job Training Programs, as well as Public Work's Projects.

  •    Anna Rose Immigration Reform Act - This Act will end illegal immigration; secure our borders, provide undocumented immigrants an opportunity to become a Provisional Citizen, by passing a criminal background check and vetting, with a pathway to citizenship within five years.

  •    Armenian Genocide Day of Remembrance - Will recognize the Armenian Genocide to honor and secure justice for genocide-era victims and their families that will be observed every April 24th.

  •    Fair Education & College Act - This Act keeps teachers in the classrooms, lowers College tuition, a 1% Student Loan Rate, funding for Vocational Programs, with partnerships with State Educational Systems.

  •    Healthcare For America Act - Provides Healthcare for all Americans, with premiums and deductibles based on income, sliding scale for services, covers pre-existing conditions, without any mandates, and Health Insurance available on a competitive basis from any State in the Nation.

  •    Veteran's Benefits Act - Will end backlogs and delays in Veterans receiving benefits, and will provide our Veterans and their families the assistance and services they deserve.

  •    Community Awareness Program (CAP) - A monthly Town Hall meeting with residents of the 28th Congressional District to discuss concerns and issues, and polices to be addressed in Congress.